Nicole Scherzinger: I can be tough

Nicole Scherzinger feels like she's "ten-feet tall" when she's sticking up to bullies, even though she knows she's only a "scrawny girl".

Nicole Scherzinger feels like she has “muscles of steel” when she sticks up for someone.

The US songstress is very vocal when it comes to bullying. Nicole insists she’s a “very happy person” until someone with a nasty nature riles her.

“Yeah. Mean people. I don’t like mean people. I don’t like people abusing other people. It’s uncalled for. And I was the girl who would stand up for people being bullied in school. I feel like I’m like ten-feet tall and have muscles of steel when actually I’m this scrawny girl – [but still] like, I could take you on!” she laughed in an interview with British magazine Heat.

Nicole opened up about her “normal” life in the interview.

The raven-haired beauty leads a very down-to-earth lifestyle when she’s not mixing with showbiz types and attending glitzy red carpet events.

“Oh my gosh, yes!” she exclaimed when asked if she has ever eaten cold pizza for breakfast. "And they told us in school growing up that if you eat cold pizza before an exam it helps your brain work better.

“I just ate cold pizza last week actually because I was working so much on the house and I didn’t want to leave so I ordered pizza and then had it for breakfast the next morning!”

Nicole was a judge on The X Factor UK last year and one of her acts triumphed. This year’s panel is yet to be confirmed but the star would love to return.

“We haven’t had any official talks yet, obviously I had a shamazing time last year. It doesn’t hurt that I broke all the records, but the work spoke for itself and I couldn’t have asked for a better year with my boys. So we’ll have to see what happens this year,” she revealed.
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Friday, 15. March 2013