Gallagher: Sande’s music is for grannies

Noel Gallagher has blasted Emeli Sande and Paloma Faith in a profanity-laden rant targeting today’s emerging generation of music artists.

Noel Gallagher has slammed Emeli Sande and Paloma Faith insisting he doesn’t “get” their music.

The former Oasis frontman isn’t a fan of many young pop stars.

Popular English singer-songwriters Paloma and Emeli were targets in the 45-year-old’s latest profanity-laden rant.

“You look at the ‘best’ now. Paloma Faith? Do me a favour. Who’s f**king decided she’s a star? Emeli Sande? That is f**king music for grannies. I don’t get it,” the rocker told UK newspaper The Sun.

Noel also issued a warning to younger musicians and fans, demanding they never ask him for help with their craft.

He’s paid his dues in the music business and feels manufactured pop stars should have to prove themselves and do the same.

“Here’s another thing. I must have been asked to write songs for people about 20 times. ‘Hey man – we should write some songs together’. F**king write your own songs,” Noel fumed.

“I spent 46 years busting my a**e to get here, slaving over a line in a song for a month,” he said.

It’s not the first time Noel has taken aim at young musicians. He has previously targeted One Direction and Justin Bieber in similar diatribes.

He’s also known for taking public jabs at his brother, Liam. The pair famously feuded and in 2009 Noel left Oasis, leaving the siblings to focus on their own ventures.

Noel has admitted in the past chances of the pair reuniting the band are close to impossible.

“What would it take? It would take Liam or myself to be very skint,” Noel said on British TV show Chatty Man late last year.

“And I know for a fact that ain’t gonna happen," he added. “So other than that I can’t see it.”
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Friday, 15. March 2013