Miley Cyrus 'desperate to get Liam back'

Miley Cyrus is reportedly desperate to patch up her differences with Liam Hemsworth as she's "terrified of losing him".

Miley Cyrus is allegedly “dying to make it work” with Liam Hemsworth, despite rumours of his infidelity.

The stars were hit by reports that Liam was caught in a clinch with Mad Men star January Jones at a pre-Oscar soiree at West Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont last month.

Recent reports suggest the pair – who got engaged in June 2012 – are no longer together, however sources have revealed Miley is desperate to patch up their differences.

“Miley is super independent, which Liam loves about her, but at the same time she’s an insecure girl who’s terrified of losing him and will do whatever it takes to make their relationship work,” the source explained to RadarOnline.

“This just goes to show Miley’s immaturity and lack of relationship experience – that she’s the one who’s dying to make it work with Liam, when he’s the one who strayed from their relationship!”

There have also been claims that Liam, 23, has struggled to cope with his 20-year-old fiancée’s image overhaul, which has seen her bleach her hair blonde and shave most of it off.

The insider added that Miley is struggling to keep up her “bad-ass” public persona amidst her relationship troubles.

“Miley can be a super jealous girl and feels like she probably pushed Liam away. And even though she doesn’t really want to tame her wild ways, if she wants to keep Liam she’s going to have to. Either that, or she’ll completely rebel because she’s hurt and act out even more," the insider continued.

“On the outside Miley likes to appear like she’s bad-ass and nothing bothers her, but on the inside she wants to be loved and doesn’t think she could ever snag another guy as amazing as Liam.”
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Thursday, 14. March 2013