Young & Married | Episode 2

Check out a sneak peek of Sunday's episode of Young & Married...

Engaged couple 19-year-old Oscar and 21-year-old Jordan live in Texas where same sex marriage is illegal. They’re planning a commitment ceremony, but have yet to announce their engagement to their moms as they are worried they won’t approve.

18-year-old Aipril and 20-year-old Mark met online and have a long a distance marriage – she lives in the US and he lives in the UK. Mark flew out to meet Aipril for the first time last year and by the end of his trip he’d proposed and they got married. Now Mark desperately needs to get his visa so he can return to Georgia to live with his bride.

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Thursday, 14. March 2013

  • Young & Married | Eps 2 Trailer

    Young & Married | Eps 2 Trailer

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