Keys: Candy keeps my voice clear

Singer Alicia Keys is amazed by how well gummy bears keep her voice immaculate and speaks about how her son Egypt is “officially a rock star”.

Alicia Keys is amazed by how well gummy bears keep her voice immaculate.

The singer is currently busy with her Set the World on Fire Tour, which started in Seattle on March 7 and will end in Israel in July.

To warm up her vocal cords, Alicia has used the same method involving the rubbery candies for years.

“You melt a handful of gummy bears in hot water and something about the glycerin that really clears your voice,” she explained to Extra.

“And it was amazing, my vocal coach told me it’s like an ancient secret… now I can eat gummy bears anytime I want!”

Alicia brought her husband Swizz Beatz and their two-year-old son Egypt along for the tour.

The songstress is happy to report that her toddler is fitting right in to life on the road, but she is worried about his sleeping habits.

“He’s officially a rock star, especially the other night when I looked at the clock,” she recalled.

“It was 12:30, he was up and I was like ‘Oh no!’ He’s young enough to be able to enjoy this process and I’m happy I can show him different places in the world and he can meet different people and he’s so social and engaged… I’m happy about all that, but that bedtime, ugh.”
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Thursday, 14. March 2013