Miguel: Clarkson is so genuine

Grammy-winning R&B singer Miguel has spoken his fondness for Kelly Clarkson and how much he would like to work with the songstress.

Miguel was moved by Kelly Clarkson’s “genuine” Grammy acceptance speech.

The musicians were both triumphant at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards last month. Miguel walked away with a trophy for Best R&B Song of the year for his track Adorn and Kelly’s record Stronger took home the prize for Best Pop Vocal Album.

While accepting her Grammy, Kelly said Miguel’s performance of Adorn at the ceremony was “the sexiest d**n thing” she’d ever seen.

Immediately after the show was over, Miguel extended his gratitude to the songstress for her praise.

“I had to stop her and thank her… it was so genuine,” he told Extra.

“I had to tell her and let her know that whenever she was ready, you know, we’re down to work.”

Miguel is well aware of the recent feud between Kelly and legendary music executive Clive Davis.

Clive wrote in his memoir Kelly was a “s**tty” songwriter and Kelly felt bullied by the blast.

Miguel supports them both, as he believes “there’s two sides to every story.”

The handsome 27-year-old star has an active love life.

He reveals that he is with a “confident” women who is constantly “rooting” for his success.

Miguel wants to be as open as possible in his relationships.

“I’ll be honest with you man, I’m pretty much straight to the point,” he said.
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Wednesday, 13. March 2013