Reynolds’ family vacations ‘straight-up bloodshed’

Ryan Reynolds jokes that the family road trips he took as a youth with his three older brothers were “straight-up bloodshed”.

Ryan Reynolds has joked that his family vacations as a youth were “always sort of a terrifying experience.”

The Canadian actor and actress Emma Stone lend their voices to DreamWorks’ upcoming animated feature The Croods. The comedy follows a family of cavemen who go on a road trip together.

Ryan reveals that his own brood’s holiday experiences were strikingly similar to The Croods’.

“Every road trip we took as kids was straight-up bloodshed,” he laughed to ET Online.

“I have three older brothers, one’s a cop, my dad was a cop. I mean, it was just like a moving Irish mob kind of making its way south towards Disneyland, and it was always sort of a terrifying experience.”

Another fond memory of Ryan’s was when someone special crafted a gift for him.

The special present resonates with him to this day.

“Somebody made a book for me on my birthday. It was kind of incredible,” he gushed.

“They contacted everyone from second grade to now through my life, and they all wrote a little short story or something. That made me fall over. That’s the best gift I think I’ve ever been given."

Ryan married actress Blake Lively last September.
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Monday, 11. March 2013