Nicole Scherzinger: I schedule dates

Nicole Scherzinger and her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton often have to pull out their diaries and find brief moments when they are free if they want to spend time together.

Nicole Scherzinger says “every minute counts” when it comes to scheduling time with her boyfriend.

The American singer has been dating British Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton since 2008. Their busy careers mean it can be hard for them to see each other and they often find themselves getting their diaries out to schedule dates.

For Nicole this is a way of life and has made her realise how important any time with her beau is.

“You kinda have to look at the schedules because people will put something in any time that you have off and we’re always working. We have to be like, ‘OK, this week I’m going to try to make it to this race, if I don’t, I’ve got this performance here; what can you do?’ Every minute counts, you know?” she told UK TV show Daybreak.

Nicole is promoting her latest song Boomerang, which is the first single from her new album. It was produced by of the Black Eyed Peas, who the 34-year-old has a solid friendship with.

“We’re like family pretty much, we’ve known each other for years,” she explained. “So we were playing around in the studio and he was like, ‘C’mon Nic, let’s put an album together, let’s do this.’ We had a lot of fun.”

Nicole has spent a great deal of time in the UK recently as she was a judge of the country’s version of The X Factor in 2012. She loved being part of the show and one of her contestants triumphed.

The star prides herself on being honest with those who take part on the programme, but also presenting her opinions in a fun way.

“I love it. I am a little crazy and a little bonkers, but you all are the same way over here [in the UK],” she said.

“I’m an artist first, so I love music; it moves me. Why else am I on the show? And that’s what I’m looking for on the show. You can’t just be like, ‘Right, so, that was OK.’ It’s like, let’s feel it, let’s have some balls!

“There is a method to my madness, in some ways. Even though I’m off the wall this is what I know more than anything.”
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Monday, 11. March 2013