Gomez ‘offers Bieber support’

Selena Gomez was reportedly “one of the first to get in touch” with Justin Bieber following a disastrous few days last week in which the Baby singer was enmeshed in a series of scandals.

Selena Gomez “was one of the first to get in touch” with Justin Bieber after his week of woes.

The two young stars are not dating at the moment, after experiencing problems at the end of last year.

It has been said that Selena has always been a good influence on Justin and people in the Baby singer’s milieu are eager for them to reunite.

Last week Justin went through the ringer by being involved in a series of scandals and it is thought Selena was quick to show she cared.

“His mum, Pattie [Mallette], has been instrumental in trying to reunite the pair and told Justin to reach out. With all the trouble he’s been having of late, Selena was one of the first to get in touch and offer her support,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

“The hope is that they will meet up somewhere quiet within the next three weeks. Both have use of a private jet so distance isn’t a problem.

“Selena is incredibly grounded and very mature for one so young. She was a superb, calming influence on Justin and didn’t stand for any of his nonsense. She is also just as big a star as him which meant there was no ego with either of them.”

On Monday March 8 Justin arrived at his first in a series of four concerts at London’s O2 Arena two hours late, outraging his young fans and their parents.

On Thursday he collapsed backstage after suffering shortness of breath and was taken to hospital, although he has assured fans he is fine.

On Friday the singer reportedly lashed out at a photographer in an effort to hit him, while apparently yelling: “What the f**k you say? I’ll f**king beat the f**k out of you.”
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Monday, 11. March 2013