Harry Styles’ girl ‘receives death threats’

A girl linked to Harry Styles reportedly deleted her Facebook account after receiving death threats in regards to her relationship with the One Direction singer.

A girl who has been linked to Harry Styles has reportedly received a slew of death threats over her relationship with the One Direction singer.

The British boy band commenced its Take Me Home concert tour in London on February 23 and they are currently touring the United Kingdom.

During their stop in Belfast, it is rumoured that Shaniece Nesbitt, 18, and Harry, 19, spent time together at a hotel.

Apparently Shaniece is getting harassed online by number of jealous fans and deleted her Facebook account yesterday.

“Shaniece has been getting messages saying she deserves to die,” a source told British newspaper The Sun.

It is said Harry was entranced with Shaniece as soon as he saw her.

“There were about six people partying with Harry and Shaniece back at the hotel but he only had eyes for her,” another source previously revealed.

“He was fixated on the fact she looked like Megan Fox and they spent hours flirting.

“She didn’t go up to his room or sleep with him that night but Harry has kept in touch since and been texting her.”

Shaniece revealed on Twitter she considered harassment by envious One Direction fans “crazy” considering she did not get romantically involved with Harry.
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Monday, 11. March 2013