Kelly Reilly: Dog's my baby

Kelly Reilly “can’t bear” to be away from her pet pooch.

Kelly Reilly thinks of her dog as a “hairy baby”.

The Flight actress is notoriously private about her love life, but it’s thought she married financier Kyle Baugher last year.

Whereas the 35-year-old is yet to have children, she says her pooch is a good substitute.

“We have a one-year-old Standard Schnauzer and I can’t bear to be away from him for too long,” she explained to British magazine InStyle.

“All my friends have kids now and while they talk about their babies, I talk about my hairy baby. It’s funny.”

Over the past few years the English star has started to rise to prominence, taking on a lead role alongside Denzel Washington in Flight.

She also appeared in the Sherlock Holmes franchise and was subsequently linked to director Guy Ritchie via rumours.

“That was kind of terrifying because I didn’t spend any time with Guy, apart from on set. Someone just made it up and suddenly it was all over the internet: I had friends calling me up asking if it was true,” she admitted.

“The press were camped outside [my parents’] house. I was out of the country, getting calls from my mum, who was so upset.”
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Sunday, 10. March 2013