Michelle Williams 'shocked by speedy split'

Michelle Williams reportedly didn’t realise how serious Jason Segel was about having more children.

Michelle Williams reportedly had “no idea” her romance with Jason Segel would end so quickly.

The 32-year-old actress and her comic star beau are believed to have parted ways recently. They had been dating for around a year and while they seemed happy, insiders claim a series of factors contributed to their break up. Although Michelle realised the relationship was under pressure, she had hoped it could be salvaged.

“[Michelle] had no idea it was coming,” a source told British magazine Look. “They seemed so solid but they had their problems – long distance was one of them.”

The pair often spent long periods of time apart since Michelle lives in New York with her seven-year-old daughter Matilda, while Jason is based in Los Angeles.

It has also been claimed that Jason wanted to have children with her soon, while Michelle didn’t feel ready. However, there is speculation that Michelle would have taken Jason’s wishes more seriously if she realised how eager he was to settle down.

“They’d locked horns over kids, too. Jason was desperate to have children – he adores Matilda – but Michelle just isn’t in a rush to have more, and I think it slowly tore them apart,” a source revealed. “Jason couldn’t handle it, and after lengthy chats with his family he made the decision to end it with Michelle. She seems totally blindsided. She was so in love with him, I think she would’ve considered moving and having more kids if she’d known it was a deal breaker.”
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Sunday, 10. March 2013