LeAnn Rimes: Eddie balances me

LeAnn Rimes appreciates Eddie Cibrian and their “settled family life”.

LeAnn Rimes says her husband Eddie Cibrian “evens her out”.

The pair have had a tumultuous time together, with both stars ending marriages to be with each other.

LeAnn has also openly discussed her anxiety and stress issues, but the 30-year-old insists her partner helps to calm her down.

“Having him around evens me out, which is nice,” she smiled to the British edition of OK! magazine.

“I’ve always been on the road since I was young so it’s so nice to have a settled family life. I love my music but when I’m away I miss them [Eddie and his two children] so much. Music comes second when I’m home with them so I can enjoy that time with them. It’s definitely finding that balance.”

Eddie has sons Mason and Jake with his ex-wife, former model Brandi Glanville.

LeAnn spends a lot of time with the children, which has caused a feud between the two women.

Having had her personal life in the spotlight, the singer hopes the two boys will learn to deal with the downsides of fame.

“[What can I teach them about life?] God that’s tough, because I’m learning now more than ever! Just to be there for them, no matter what,” she explained.

“It’s going to be interesting having them grow up in this business and having people talk about their family constantly, but I want them to have the strength to deal with it and let it roll of their back whatever comes their way. I want them to know that they matter as human beings. The most important thing is them knowing that they are loved and they’re good enough.”
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Saturday, 09. March 2013