Bieber’s bosses host ‘emergency meeting’

Justin Bieber’s label bosses reportedly gave the teen icon “a serious talking-to” after he showed up two hours late to a show in London Monday night, infuriating fans.

Justin Bieber’s label bosses reportedly gave him “a serious talking-to” amidst a host of controversies he’s involved in.
The 19-year-old pop star has garnered headlines for all the wrong reasons as of late.
On Monday Justin showed up two hours late to his performance in London, infuriating young fans and their parents. Many attendees had to leave early in order to get enough rest for school the next day.
He has also been snapped smoking what appears to marijuana and partying incredibly hard all over the world.
Apparently Justin’s record label executives found it necessary to host an intervention on the star.
“Being amidst a barrage of abuse is uncharted territory for Justin. Understandably he is finding it hard to take,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.
“He is a huge cash cow for the label and of course they’re desperate to keep both him and the fans sweet.
“His erratic behaviour and antics are not what his impressionable young fans expect of him.
“After an emergency meeting in the US, Justin’s people had him on Skype to bosses and he was given a serious talking-to.”
It is rumoured that Justin’s superiors have ordered him to stop going wild in public.
The teen seems to have embraced his bosses’ admonishments.
“It was suggested he start staying in more and basically cleaning up his act,” the insider detailed.
“He’s kicking off the European leg of his tour next week and has been told to stay in more when he’s not performing.
“Justin took the news well and has promised to go back to putting his fans first.”
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Thursday, 07. March 2013