Young & Married I Episode 1

On the premiere episode of Young & Married...

Wednesday, 06. March 2013

21-year-old Ben and 20-year-old Kristin married in secret without telling their family or friends. Now Ben wants to make everything official and wants to surprise Kristin by organising a wedding behind her back. But can he get the blessing of Kristin’s disapproving dad?

We’ll also meet engaged couple Delaina and Shawn, from Texas who are planning the wedding of their dreams at a prestigious venue for 150 guests. Daddy’s girl Delaina shares a passion for classic cars with her dad and there’s a treat in store for her as he’s bringing his $20,000 classic car collection to the wedding.

I have added 2 of the Zeke & Stella clips; one about money and one that correponds with episode 1 about Wedding Planning.

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