Dido recalls drunken mishap

Dido has described an embarrassing incident that took place after she decided to "invent a cocktail".

Dido’s attempts to “invent a cocktail” resulted in embarrassing consequences.
The 41-year-old singer shot to worldwide fame in 2000 after Eminem sampled her track Thank You on his song Stan. Despite her connection with the notorious bad boy rapper, Dido is well known for choosing a more clean-living lifestyle.
Dido cringed as she recalled recently suffered from the effects of too much alcohol, which she’s started to drink again after giving birth to her son Stanley in July 2011.
“It was embarrassingly recently. I decided to invent a cocktail,” Dido explained to Q magazine. “It all went wrong, there was a lot of vomiting. There are certain things I can no longer drink because of that: Jack Daniel’s being one of them. I’m alright with Malibu, though. I used to drink Malibu and milk.”
Dido continued to shock with her revelation about a run in she had with the police. However, the sweet-sounding star was an innocent victim in the incident.
“My most alarming brush with the law was in America when I was the passenger in a stolen car…” Dido said.
“It was my first trip to America to do music. It was terrifying. The dead eyes of the cops… And the gun! All I wanted to do was get home. It was not a good time.”
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Sunday, 03. March 2013