Michelle Williams has ‘big ideas’ for days off

Michelle Williams always has grand plans to learn a new skill when she has time off.

Michelle Williams always vows to “learn French” on her days off, but never gets round to it.
The actress has been promoting her latest movie Oz the Great and Powerful and is also busy looking after daughter Matilda, whose father is the late Heath Ledger.
On rare days off, the 32-year-old star always hopes to do something productive, but finds she never has time.
“I always have a big idea in my head, like: ‘I’m finally going to learn French, I’m going to take up piano and how about those cooking classes…’ [In reality], it’s making breakfast, packing lunch, cleaning the house and preparing dinner,” she laughed to British magazine Look.
“Then, welcoming [Matilda] back after school, doing the homework and talking about it, and figuring out how everybody is adjusting, making play dates… That’s all it is.”
Michelle raises Matilda alone after her ex-boyfriend Heath passed away following an accidental overdose in January 2008.
The pretty blonde is looking forward to seeing which career path her seven-year-old daughter will pursue when she is older.
“We’ll see what she wants to do when she grows up. I’m very excited to see what she wants to do. The world is all possibility for her right now,” she smiled.
“I try to be pretty relaxed, because if I’m relaxed, she’ll be relaxed.”
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Saturday, 02. March 2013