Britney Spears ‘surrounding herself with pets’

Britney Spears is reportedly worrying those around her as she has been buying so many animals.

Britney Spears’ menagerie is reportedly out of control.
The American singer is a huge fan of dogs and recently introduced her new puppy to her fans via Twitter. She is understood to have at least four other pooches, but has been adding to her pets as she struggles to get over her split from fiancé Jason Trawick.
“It wasn’t too bad when she just had a couple of dogs, but as her menagerie grows, it’s getting to be a lot of work,” an insider told National Enquirer.
It’s suggested the star often takes a trip to the pet store when she is feeling low. When she feels as if things are “spiralling out of control”, going to look at animals makes her feel better.
“The problem is that when she gets a new animal, she doesn’t take care of it and just passes the responsibility over to her house staff,” the insider said.
“It’s hard for her to trust people. So she’s turning to animals for affection.”
Her loved ones understand why furry critters make Britney feel safe, although they are worried she has too many pets. She apparently recently announced she is considering buying a pair of Dalmatians, causing her staff to “cringe at the thought”.
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Saturday, 02. March 2013