Ed Sheeran reveals Swift ‘loyalty’

Ed Sheeran would back Taylor Swift in a fight between her and Kanye West.

Ed Sheeran would feel a “loyalty” towards Taylor Swift if she ever had a fight with Kanye West.
The British singer is good friends with the blonde country star and has even been romantically linked to her, after it was reported they spent time in her hotel room before the recent BRIT Awards.
Rapper Kanye made a dig at Taylor during a concert last month, but despite liking his music, Ed insists he would always take his friend’s side.
“People have to like you to buy your record now. So you have to be a nice person, you can’t just go out there … I think Kanye West is one of the last real-minded speakers out there,” he explained to Australian radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O.
“I’m not anti-Kanye! [Taylor and I] are friends with different people… Well, I’m not friends with Kanye, but no, I wouldn’t say I’m anti-Kanye! There is a certain loyalty towards her if it ever came down to it! She’s great.”
According to E! News the redheaded star and the I Knew You Were Trouble singer spent the night before the BRIT Awards hanging out in Taylor’s hotel room until 4am.
A source says Ed looked “very happy” when he supposedly left in a car Taylor had organised for him.
The pretty blonde ended her relationship with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles around the end of last year.
Ed is also good friends with the curly-haired hunk and his bandmates, but insists they don’t get up to any crazy antics when they spend time together.
“Whenever I hang out with them, they’re very, very relaxed. A couple of them came to stay at mine over Christmas and when Niall [Horan] was there we played Monopoly and when Harry was there we watched One Day, because he insisted we watch it!” he laughed.
“I dunno what it was, but I was made to watch it… The last couple of times we hung out it’s been the least rock and roll things.”
Thanks to his success with songs such as The A Team and Lego House, 22-year-old Ed has made a whole host of famous pals.
Recently, the musician managed to lose his phone, causing Taylor to worry it could fall into the wrong hands after she sent him videos of herself talking to her cat.
The young star says he needs to be more careful now he is close to some of the biggest people in pop.
“The worst thing is, as Taylor pointed out, I’m an idiot when it comes to saving numbers! So she’s saved under ‘Taylor’,” he admitted.
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Friday, 01. March 2013