Allison Williams’ dad reluctant to give career advice

Allison Williams’ news anchor father has quipped he could damage her “promising career” by giving her advice.

Allison Williams’ father has joked he could “harm” her career if he offered her advice.
The actress has enjoyed huge success playing Marnie Michaels in the award-winning US TV show Girls. Her dad Brian Williams is an NBC news anchor and despite appearing on the small screen for over 20 years, he is reluctant to impart any wise words to his daughter.
“She got through Yale. I only have 18 [college] credits. I think I could actually do harm to a perfectly promising career if I try to give her advice,” he laughed as he addressed a crowd in New York City.
Brian went on to reveal he is immensely proud of Allison’s budding career.
The news presenter says he has enjoyed watching her attend a host of red carpet events during awards season.
“We’re Ma and Pa Kettle sitting at home watching TV, and there is Allison sitting in the front row at the Grammys,” he smiled.
Meanwhile, Allison’s co-star Lena Dunham entertained guests at the Jewish Museum’s Purim Ball in New York City on Wednesday evening.
The Girls creator cracked a series of expletive-laden jokes, but begged the audience not to tweet them and “get her in trouble”.
Lena revealed her mother is Jewish and many of her pals are too.
“Most of my friends are Jewish, even the Korean ones,” she quipped, before laughingly claiming “Sleepaway camp is child abuse”.
Lena went on to explain she has a soft spot for “Gene Wilder hair”.
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Friday, 01. March 2013