P. Diddy: Lopez is a player

P. Diddy has joked his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez knows how to keep men in check.

P. Diddy says his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez is a “player” who knows how to keep “us men in line”.
The hip-hop star famously dated the singer for about two years from 1999 and they have managed to remain friends despite their split. The pair were seen talking at a Golden Globes after-party earlier this year, where Jennifer introduced her ex-boyfriend to her current beau Casper Smart.
Diddy has discussed how they manage to remain so cordial.
“She’s definitely one of the most beautiful people that I’ve ever had the blessing to know and to love, and I think that because she’s cool, she makes it cool and also she’s a player,” he told Extra. “She just knows how to keep all us men in line, you know, just to be honest. We all get along, we have picnics… it’s all good!”
Jennifer was a judge on US TV programme American Idol for two seasons and Diddy has previously praised her appearance on the show.
She has been just as gushing about him, suggesting he should consider mentoring on a series too. The rapper isn’t so sure that’s a good idea and took the opportunity to make a joke about music mogul Simon Cowell when the comments were raised. Simon has launched singing contest The X Factor in America. Extra presenter Mario Lopez also hosts the talent show, so cheekily asked Diddy if he’d like to appear.
“You know, Simon’s pockets is kind of tight and I’m kind of expensive. I have these six kids and these tuitions are out of control,” he laughed.
Jennifer has previously opened up about her split from Diddy, which happened after the pair were arrested following a shooting in New York City. The experience had a profound effect on her and her relationship.
“That was one of the worst nights of my life,” she explained. “It was devastating for me to have lived through that.
“We did fall in love and we were very close. He became a mentor as well and he really nurtured me.
“But my relationship with him was always something I knew would end.”
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Friday, 01. March 2013