Kim Kardashian ‘cancelled babymoon’

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reportedly ditched holiday plans due to the stress of her divorce.

Kim Kardashian reportedly cancelled her babymoon due to the stress of her divorce.
The reality TV star was married to Kris Humphries for just 72 days before she lodged papers to end their union in 2011. She is now expecting a baby with her new partner Kanye West, although the divorce is yet to be settled.
It has been decided that proceedings will be heard in May, only two months before Kim is due to give birth. The stress of the ongoing wrangling is said to be one of the reasons Kanye did not jet to be with Kim during her visit to Nigeria earlier this month, even though they’d planned a romantic few days to celebrate their impending new arrival.
“Kim had been in Nigeria for a concert and Kanye was set to join her, but she stayed for less than a day and got straight back on a plane to LA. The last thing she felt like was being on holiday,” an insider told Heat magazine.
Kim was in the country to co-host the Love Like A Movie event. It has been claimed she was only there for 45 minutes and received payment of $500,000.
The 32-year-old’s divorce has been held up as Kris is alleging Kim committed fraud by using their union to boost her profile. She has dismissed the allegations and is apparently tired of having the lawsuit hanging over her.
“Whether Kanye takes Kim on a lavish shopping spree, or on a babymoon to Paris [the pair previously enjoyed a break in the French capital], his gestures have been against a backdrop of mudslinging from Kris,” the insider added.
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Wednesday, 27. February 2013