TV producers scrambling to book Adele

After Adele stated she would be interested in producing a documentary similar to Beyoncé Knowles’, numerous TV producers are reportedly pitching multimillion-dollar programme ideas to her.

Adele has reportedly sparked frenzy as TV producers are desperate to book her.
The singer came out of hiding for Awards Season after going on a short hiatus from the entertainment industry to care for her newborn son.
Adele picked up a number of trophies this year including an Oscar for her Skyfall song.
After the Academy Awards Sunday night Adele said: “Maybe I’ll do a HBO special like Beyoncé [Knowles] did.”
Apparently executives and producers at major American TV networks like Fox and CNN have been preparing pitches frantically for the star following her statement.
Within 24 hours, numerous multimillion-dollar deals were on the table.
“As soon as Adele said she could be interested in a show, TV producers were compiling suggestions,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.
The 24-year-old singer welcomed her first child with partner Simon Konecki in October.
Executives believe scoring a documentary with notoriously private Adele would be incredibly profitable.
“This will be a major coup for anyone to get. Adele hasn’t done any major interviews for a long time,” the insider explained.
“She has never spoken in depth about her relationship with partner Simon Konecki or the birth of her son Angelo.”
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Wednesday, 27. February 2013