Pink: Women are so powerful

Pink hopes her body confidence will set a positive example for her daughter Willow.

Pink aims to inspire her daughter by proving “women can accomplish anything”.
The singer is a former gymnast and even since giving birth to Willow in 2011 continues to impress with energetic stage shows and dance routines.
The 33-year-old is currently on her The Truth About Love tour and was recently spotted showing off an extremely toned torso while at the beach with her little girl.
Her rippling six-pack received a host of negative and positive feedback, but the star insists criticism means nothing to her.
“Also-all the comments on my ‘body’ good +bad,this body is capable of so much. Im grateful for my strong body that carries me thru the world,” she wrote on her Twitter page.
“I lead by example when my little girl looks at me, and I show her that a woman can accomplish anything, and not based on her looks alone (sic).”
Pink is known for speaking her mind and has won many fans thanks to her honest song lyrics.
At the Oscars on Sunday, Ben Affleck moved the audience with his candid acceptance speech after picking up the best film Academy Award for Argo.
It seems his words struck a chord with the Try singer.
“I just finally watched Ben Afflecks acceptance speech and I have tears streaming down my cheeks. I love when people just say their truth (sic),” she posted to her followers.
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Tuesday, 26. February 2013