Russell Brand: I’m attracted to everyone

Russell Brand can't name just one person he is attracted to as he has his eyes "on everybody".

Russell Brand says no woman is safe from his clutches – except the “underage and overage”.
The famed womaniser is single following his divorce from Katy Perry, although he was recently linked to Demi Moore. He has been quizzed on which star he thinks is attractive at the moment, but insisted to pick just one would be unfair.
“The beauty of eyes is that they can scan the horizon in any direction,” he told Heat magazine, when asked who he currently “has his eye on”. “I’ve got my eyes on everybody. No one’s safe… except the underage and overage.”
Russell is amused by his Lothario status and doesn’t really know why he is such a hit with women. He doesn’t view himself as attractive and thinks his strength lies in the way he treats people.
“I don’t know, cos if you find yourself sexy that means you’re mentally ill,” he laughed, when asked what makes him sexy. “I think if people want to know how to meet more people and have more people attracted to them, then be very kind and very sweet and very sincere.”
The 37-year-old star laughed off questions about his future marriage plans. He is open to tying the knot again, joking he might opt for a “Mormon wedding” so he could marry 15 different women at once.
The comedian is a big fan of One Direction, particularly Harry Styles. The 19-year-old singer is known for having a way with the ladies, having recently split from Taylor Swift. He has also been linked to several older women.
“He’s got lovely curly hair and nice lips. I don’t think we’re competing for the same audience, female wise,” Russell mused. “What? [He likes older women?!] Well, that’s not on! No, there’s got to be carefully defined parameters otherwise it’s going to be an intergenerational sex war.”
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Tuesday, 26. February 2013