Nicki Minaj: I'll be in movies

Nicki Minaj is looking for the “right movie” to show off her acting talents.

Nicki Minaj has set her sights on pursuing an acting career.
The flamboyant rapper has always harboured a dream to be an actress and before finding fame in the music industry, she landed a role in an off-Broadway show. Nicki has also lent her voice to a character in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, and has now revealed she is looking for the perfect film role to display her talent.
“I would love to act, it just has to be the right project, the right movie,” she told New York Post’s Page Six. “Nothing stereotypical about a singer. I have an agent, and we are looking at a couple of scripts, so we’ll see.”
Nicki is currently appearing as a judge on the talent show American Idol. Much has been made of her feud with fellow panellist Mariah Carey, and the pair have had heated disagreements while filming the show.
However, straight-talking Nicki is ready to move on from the drama and insists the American Idol panel are on good terms.
“All of that has been talked about,” she explained. “We had our differences, but it is all done with now, and we just get in there and do our job.”
Nicki is surprised by how emotionally attached she has become to the singers competing on American Idol. She has developed a close bond with some of the contestants and loves seeing how proud their families are when they perform.
“I’m getting closer to the contestants as the competition goes on. Seeing their parents makes you realise about how this is their dream and how we have to nurture them as much as we can,” she smiled.
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Tuesday, 26. February 2013