Hugh Jackman admires Stephen Fry

Hugh Jackman steals his “ideas” from Stephen Fry.
The actor has joked that he closely observed the British award-winning star while he hosted this year’s BAFTAs.
Speaking after this year’s ceremony in London, Hugh said he had enjoyed watching the occasion much more than when he has hosted similar events before.
“It’s just so much more relaxing to get to watch the show, and Stephen Fry is about as good as you get. I nick ideas from him all the time,” Hugh admitted to British magazine Star. “I’ve got my pen and notepad here, don’t you worry.”
The US actor received his first BAFTA nomination this year for his role in Les Misérables.
He joked he had expected to be recognised for his work before, but was pleased to be part of the event.
“I thought I was going to get one for Van Helsing but it just didn’t turn out,” he laughed. “I don’t know what happened there… Yeah, I am really pleased [to have my first nomination].”
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Sunday, 24. February 2013