Catfish: The TV Show | Episode 2

This Sunday on an all-new episode of Catfish: The TV Show...

Exotic dancer Shawnise aka Trina, met fellow exotic dancer Lee aka “Scorpio” on MySpace and had been talking for over a year and never met. When Nev does some online investigating, he finds that the pictures of “Scorpio” belong to Larry Drummer, a model from Atlanta. When Nev introduces Shawnise to Lee, he tells her the truth about having 4 children instead of 2 and that he is really 32 years old instead of being 27 like he told her. Nev introduces Shawnise to the real Larry Drummer in the end. Lee said he’s happy to be friends with Trina, but still hopes one day romance will blossom between them. Trina has quit dancing and is pursuing other career opportunities.

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Thursday, 21. February 2013