From Homeless to Superstar

  • Daniel Craig's home used to be a park bench in London.

  • After her boyfriend stole all her money, A 20-year old Carmen Electra was forced to live on the streets.

  • Sylvester Stallone lived in a bus station for three weeks while seeking a movie role.

  • Kurt Cobain lived under a bridge in Aberdeen, Washington.

  • Kelly Clarkson had to live in a homeless shelter for a short while after her LA home caught on fire.

  • Jim Morrison lived on rooftops, in cars and under the Venice beach pier.

  • Jim Carrey used to live with his family in a yellow VW van.

  • Tupac Shakur almost grew up in homeless shelters around NYC.

  • Before his career took off, Jean-Claude Van Damme had to go sleep hungry and alone on the streets of LA.

  • Shania Twain used to live with her mother in and around homeless shelters at the tender age of 13.

  • Famous magician Harry Houdini used to live in a tent in NYC.

  • David Letterman used to call his red chevy home when he moved to LA.

  • Ella Fitzgerald grew up on the streets of Harlem, NYC.

  • Charlie Chaplin used to live on the streets of London after his father passed away.

  • Oscar winner Cary Grant also used to be homeless.

  • Hale Berry used to live in a homeless shelter in NYC.

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    These are the superstars that used to be homeless...

    People tend to think that celebrities where born into a life of luxury and parties. But some stars had to pay the price for paradise. We’ve compiled a gallery with celebrities who all have more than their superstar status in common — they all used to be homeless.

    Thursday, 21. February 2013