Lohan turned amfAR gown ‘into a mullet’

Lindsay Lohan reportedly returned only half the borrowed beaded dress she wore to this month’s amfAR charity event.
The 26-year-old actress is said to be struggling financially and she is currently living at home with her mother in New York.
Charlie Sheen personally phoned celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch and offered to “go halfsies” on a sparkling nude Theia gown that Lindsay wore to the amfAR AIDS charity’s annual New York Gala on February 6, an event that kicks off Fashion Week.
She refused to allow Charlie to pay for half and decided to take the piece out on loan instead.
Apparently when she returned the expensive designer garment, the dress was in complete tatters, literally cut in half.
“She said that the dress had ripped [at a club after the fundraiser] — she couldn’t possibly wear it like that — so her stylist friend went to the club bouncer and requested some scissors to repair the torn part of the dress,” a source told Us Weekly magazine.
“But what bouncer has scissors?”
Stylists were unimpressed with the poor condition in which they received the frock.
Apparently people are disgusted with her behaviour.
“She turned it into a mullet! Only a fashiony person would do that! " the source said. “She’s out of control and behaving really badly.”
Lindsay owed a reported $233,000 in unpaid taxes between 2009 and 2010 and her Scary Movie 5 co-star Charlie confirmed he gave her $100,000 to help with the bill.
It is speculated that the star is mired in so much debt that she can’t even pass a credit check to secure her own apartment.
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Wednesday, 20. February 2013