Mindy McCready ‘had lost hope’

Mindy McCready apparently “lost all hope” in the days leading up to her death.
The country singer’s body was found on the porch of her home in Arkansas on Sunday, after she seemingly shot herself.
The 37-year-old had been experiencing personal turmoil, with her partner David Wilson dying of an apparent suicide in January. Following his death Mindy’s sons Zander, six, and ten-month-old Zayne were put into foster care and she was ordered to a rehabilitation facility.
Shortly before her death, Mindy was reportedly given legal papers which said her children should go to live with her mother – who the star was estranged from.
“The most important thing is my babies must come home,” she is said to have told private investigator Danno Hanks in an email.
“She lost all hope,” he told People magazine.
Mindy’s body was found in the same place as David’s had been and she had also shot her dog dead.
Her house is said to have been in disarray, with food all over the place and animal faeces on the floor. There were prescription pills in bottles littered around the bedroom and bathroom.
The singer had a highly-publicised battle with addiction and had spent long periods in rehab. She had also tried to kill herself on several occasions.
“People talk about a train wreck, but the world lost a real person, a human being, a mother,” Mindy’s friend and fellow country singer Chely Wright said. “I’m praying for her kids.”
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Wednesday, 20. February 2013