LL Cool J dances ballet

LL Cool J reveals that he practices ballet regularly.
The 45-year-old rapper-and-actor is not a stranger to pliés.
He confesses that he practices these dance moves quote often.
LL’s NCIS: Los Angeles co-star Renée Felice Smith is impressed by his skills, which he has shown off behind the scenes on the TV programme’s set.
“He’s great — he’s got an infectious spirit and I support that,” Renée told ET Online.
“[We] have a little dance break [between scenes]. He’s a mover and I’m a tapper, so sometimes we trade moves. [LL] has a lovely port de bras [ballet move].”
LL is committed to his craft and has loaded up on ballet clothing and shoes.
He tries to dance as often as possible.
“Yeah, I’ve been freelancing, I’ve been moonlighting doing ballet every weekend, that’s my new thing,” LL laughed.
“I was going to come out with it next week, but since she [Renée] scooped it, yeah. I actually have a leotard on under here, with the ballet slippers — go LL, go LL!”
LL will be releasing his thirteenth studio album in May which is entitled Authentic Hip-Hop.
He is elated to have returned to form musically and can’t wait to share his new work with fans.
“I used the word ‘authentic’ because it’s really me doing something with heart,” LL explained to USA Today recently.
“I’m not going to pretend that I’m 15 or be chasing whatever the current trend is. What I didn’t want to do was make a record that is all about [featured artists]. Nowadays, you hear a record on the radio, and you don’t know whose record it is because there are so many people on it. I want people to know it’s an LL record.”
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Wednesday, 20. February 2013