Alicia Keys: My son annoyed Jay-Z

Jay-Z jokingly told Alicia Keys’ husband to “watch” his son when he kissed his daughter Blue Ivy.
The singer’s two-year-old boy Egypt has a crush on Jay-Z’s one-year-old daughter with his wife Beyoncé Knowles. Alicia laughingly admits that Egypt’s affection for Blue Ivy failed to impress her protective dad Jay-Z.
“I think Egypt kissed Blue and I don’t think Jay liked it very much. He called my husband and he was like, ‘Watch your son,’” Alicia recalled as she appeared on US TV series The Wendy Williams Show on Monday.
Alicia, Jay-Z and Beyoncé were spotting laughing and joking at the NBA All-Star game in Houston, Texas on Sunday, where Alicia was performing in the half-time show.
Alicia has been married to record producer Swizz Beatz since 2010. When quizzed on whether she would like to further expand her family, she revealed she hopes to have more children.
“I definitely love kids, I do. I… would like to at least wait two years,” she explained.
The Girl on Fire singer also touched upon her relationship with Swizz Beatz. Alicia admits that she wasn’t initially attracted to the producer, until she got to know him better.
“He’s kind of a little too ostentatious for my taste,” she smiled. “He really got me when I saw how far his mind went. He’s really, really intelligent and knows so many interesting things.”
During the interview, Alicia also revealed that her favourite artists in the charts at the moment are Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar.
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Tuesday, 19. February 2013