Larry Hagman still part of Dallas

Larry Hagman’s Dallas dressing room will not be used by anyone else.
The American actor was best known for his portrayal of dastardly J.R. Ewing in the US TV show, which has recently enjoyed a comeback. In 2011, he announced he was battling stage two throat cancer and he passed away due to complications from the disease in November aged 81.
He had been filming for series two of the Dallas reboot when he passed away, with his character’s funeral to be screened on the programme.
It has now been reported that show bosses are determined to maintain Larry’s involvement with the series.
“Larry’s dressing room will not be reassigned. It will remain intact, with his name and star shining on the door for the entire run of the show,” an insider told National Enquirer. “And on the daily call sheets, Larry still stays as number one.”
After he passed away, his co-stars were quick to pay tribute to Larry. Linda Gray portrays J.R.’s wife Sue Ellen in the original and new programmes and called him her “best friend” for 35 years. She said the “world was a brighter place” because of him, adding she would miss him enormously.
Linda is apparently pleased Larry is being remembered.
“He’s watching over this show and his presence can be felt on the set,” the source said. “Linda especially feels it. She told me, ’Larry’s spirit is still with us… I know he’s here.’”
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Sunday, 17. February 2013