Niall Horan ‘didn’t have enough time’ for love

One Direction’s Niall Horan is said to have no time for romance in his schedule.
British newspaper The Mirror reports that the pop singer recently ended his relationship with 20-year-old drama student Amy Green, leaving her “devastated”.
One Direction is currently gearing up for a world tour with 117 dates and Niall has put his career first.
“Sadly, it is over between Niall and Amy. He finished it because he didn’t have enough time with everything he has to do,” a source told the publication.
“Understandably she was disappointed because she had been in a relationship before she started seeing Niall and chose him over her boyfriend.
“But there are no real hard feelings and they’re still close.”
Niall and Amy met at a nightclub in London last October.
Although their romance was short-lived, apparently the pair both enjoyed each other’s company immensely while they were together.
“Niall used all the tools he could to woo her and he treated her really well,” the insider revealed.
“She enjoyed it while it lasted and hopes they’ll stay friends.”
It is rumoured that 19-year-old Niall’s boyish charms didn’t appeal to Amy after a while.
“She found Niall a bit too immature for her tastes,” the source said.
“It was like Niall’s first relationship, whereas Amy had been in a relationship before. They had a few silly arguments and it was really the beginning of the end.”
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Sunday, 17. February 2013