Rossum ‘learned about mating habits’ on holiday

Emmy Rossum is well versed on the subject of animal breeding following an informative holiday.
The Beautiful Creatures star took a trip with her mother and good friend recently.
Emmy is excited about what she discovered in the wild environment.
“I went to the Amangani resort in Wyoming for a week with my mom and best friend,” a source told America’s OK! magazine.
“We played in the snow and learned all about mating habits of the native animals. I just watched sheep and took pictures!”
When Emmy is at home, she is often involved in Internet pursuits.
She loves buying unique products online.
“Etsy. It’s such a time suck. I’m buying all these vintage brooches to use as hair ornaments, decoration, everything,” she explained.
“They make it very easy; it doesn’t feel like you’re really even purchasing things. It’s a better eBay.”
Emmy is not just shopping while browsing the web.
The star also loves to send cyber greetings to her loved ones.
“I don’t think I’ve sent one since I was about 12, and it was probably on Valentine’s Day,” Emmy said.
“I usually use JibJab, where you put your face in a little online thing. People are usually horrified and delighted at the same time. Joan Cusack and her kids taught me.”
Beautiful Creatures is now playing in US cinemas.
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Saturday, 16. February 2013