Charlie Sheen donates 10k to young girl

Charlie Sheen has given a young girl $10,000 to pay for a therapy dog.
Teagan Marti from Florida is 15 and sustained serious injuries when she fell 100 feet from a theme park ride in 2010.
Lucia Wilgus became friends with the Marti family after hearing about the accident and has helped organise fundraising as well as find the special dog who will aid Teagan’s recovery.
Charlie’s godfather is a family friend of the Wilgus’ and Lucia wrote a letter to the actor, explaining training costs would be around $6,000.
The star was happy to help, claiming the request had a “personal vibe” as it came via his godfather and even sending more money in case there were extra costs.
“I like to pay it forward,” he explained to Fox News.
“People come into your orbit for a reason. You don’t always know what that is ahead of time, but if I ignore these requests then I don’t have any opportunity to see where these things lead us, or lead me.”
Charlie was also quick to let the family know they could get in touch if they ever needed more money.
Teagan will receive the pooch on her birthday in September but hasn’t decided what to call it yet.
“I think they should name the dog Charlie,” the Anger Management star laughed.
The young girl suffered brain, spine, pelvis and internal injuries following the devastating accident.
She was hospitalised for three months and initially lost use of her arms and legs, but has started to make progress thanks to physical therapy.
“I think he’s a very kind person for helping me and my family and very generous,” she smiled.
Charlie is known for helping those in need, previously giving Lindsay Lohan a massive $100,000 to help pay off her estimated $233,000 tax debt.
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Friday, 15. February 2013