The Inbetweeners I Episode 4

Wet realities!

In his pursuit of all-around excellence, Will decides he needs to sign up for an activity. While trying to figure out what to do, he meets his dream girl and intellectual equal, Charlotte Allen: beautiful, smart, and weirdly won over by a game of imaginary chess. He stalks Charlotte’s “social network” profile and starts a cooking club in order to appeal to her interests- unfortunately his sleuthing leads him to accidentally post her name as his status and attract the wrong kind of attention- from her psycho ex, Donovan. The cooking club kicks off somewhat successfully- at least until master chef Bobby shows up to ruin Simon and Carly’s cooking connection. Meanwhile, Jay has been having so many “wet realities” (read: masturbating) that he sets out to discover the elusive wet dream.

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Friday, 15. February 2013