James Franco: Sleep is defeat

James Franco always “fights sleep” because he views it has “a defeat”.
The Hollywood star is famed for his work ethic, having made movies, published books and gone to college in recent years. He doesn’t understand why so many people are desperate for downtime as it’s not something he’s ever enjoyed.
In a new interview with Details magazine, he admits spending 19 hours awake each day because he “fights sleep every night [as it is] a defeat”.
He tends to wake up on couches rather than in bed, as he usually drops off to sleep without really knowing it.
However, when he does doze off James sleeps deeply. Mila Kunis appears alongside him in the upcoming movie Oz the Great and Powerful and was astounded with how soundly he rested.
“We were at the end of a 17-hour day on Oz,” she recalled, “doing this carriage scene, with real horses. The set was so long they couldn’t turn the horses, so we’d just leave the set, circle, and reshoot. James just fell dead asleep after a take. I mean, nothing I could do would wake him up. We came around for a take, everybody saw, and they just kept the cameras rolling.”
James enrolled at UCLA in 2006 and was so determined to take his studies seriously he completed as many as 62 credits each quarter – the usual is 19. He graduated two years later and is now studying for a PhD. The star has continued acting throughout his studies and tried to explain why he wanted more from his life.
“I’d become incredibly frustrated, staying in the lines of my job description as an actor. I was making it hard, not only on everyone else, but on myself as well,” he said.
Eventually he realised he would only be happy if he accepted himself.
“As soon as I embraced it – like all of us, essentially play ourselves, to some extent – [I was happy]. It gave me this incredible energy,” he said.
The actor has eight movies slated for release this year and hopes to continue thriving by being busy.
That’s not to say all of the pictures were totally enjoyable to make.
“There was lots of pot in a Spring Breakers strip-club scene,” he explained. “I don’t even smoke cigarettes for roles anymore – I use herbal stuff – and after 20 hits on this ‘blunt,’ I f**king puked.”
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Wednesday, 13. February 2013