Adele denies Chris Brown feud

Adele has slammed reports that she and Chris Brown were involved in a heated confrontation at the Grammys.
Chris came under fire for not standing to congratulate fellow nominee Frank Ocean at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night when he won the Best Urban Contemporary Album award.
A picture emerged of the R&B star and Adele at the ceremony in which the British songstress appeared to be shouting at him. The singers were sat in close proximity at the star-studded ceremony and the photo was believed to have been taken moments after Chris refused to stand for Frank.
However, in a rare post on the social networking site, Adele took to Twitter to deny any confrontation between the pair.
“Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually! (sic),” she exclaimed, putting to rest the rumours once and for all.
Chris was involved in a fight with Frank outside a recording studio in Los Angeles last month, and although no arrests were made after the brawl, Chris was largely blamed for the scuffle.
The controversial star took to Instagram to rant about his misunderstood public persona days after the fight with Frank.
“Im wise I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo!! Im a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect im sick of being accused. I’m Tired yall just dont understand Ive been going through this sh*t since I was 19 years cant sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do? (sic),” he wrote.
“Just when everything seems to be going good, some new sh*t happens. A day in my shoes is a day in hell, believe it or not!”
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Wednesday, 13. February 2013