Naomi Campbell: I don’t think about age

Naomi Campbell isn’t worried about growing older.
The supermodel will turn 43 on May 22 and 26 years after she was discovered she is still one of the most sought-after models in the world.
It’s quite an impressive feat for the star in an industry that is obsessed with youth and maintaining impossible beauty standards. Many models don’t make it in the business past their mid-twenties.
But Naomi says even now she’s not stressed about her career fizzling out
“I don’t think about age, I just think about doing,” she told America’s People magazine.
Naomi just last year appeared in the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games and continues to grace the covers of top fashion magazines around the world.
She has also launched a new reality show called The Face.
The television competition follows a group of aspiring models as they compete for a top contract.
She hopes she will be able to impart some of what she’s learned over her decades-long career to the ingenues.
“What attracted me was the mentoring. I’m a tough-love coach, but I have 26 years under my belt to share. I want them to know how real it’s going to be,” she said.
Naomi admitted modelling has not been an easy career path to take.
Despite what her critics think, the job requires a deep sense of self to plough through constant rejection of casting directors.
“You have to have thick skin. It’s physically and psychologically hard,” she said.
She also added her team of girls will be taking cue from her drive, which has earned Naomi a reputation of being difficult with fellow models. She expects the contestants to all put the competition first.
“Team Naomi [on The Face] are not here to make friends, they are here to win,” she said.
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Monday, 11. February 2013