Julia Roberts ‘treated to bubble bath’

Julia Roberts’ twins decided to treat her to a special bath – made of real champagne.
The actress and her husband Daniel Moder have eight-year-old Hazel and Phinnaeus and five-year-old Henry together.
The twins are aware their mom loves relaxing in the tub, which she fills with bubbles known as a ‘champagne bath’. They recently planned a surprise for when she returned home from work, but couldn’t find the mixture to hand.
“The clever kids improvised – filling Julia’s bathtub with water and bit of baby oil, then got their nanny to pour a bottle of champagne into the tub, telling her, ‘Mommy loves champagne baths!’” an insider laughed to National Enquirer.
When the 45-year-old star got home, her children couldn’t wait to show off their hard work. They immediately took her upstairs and explained what they’d done.
Julia soon realised the bath smelt different to normal – which is when she discovered the cheeky tots had used a bottle of expensive Dom Pérignon – which costs around £100 for a standard bottle – in the mixture.
“Julia didn’t stay mad at the kids for long, but told them that cleaning their rooms, doing their homework and making her drawings are surprises she really loves!” the source giggled.
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Saturday, 09. February 2013