Russell Brand jokes about Perry marriage

Russell Brand has joked he would rather shoot himself than marry Katy Perry again.
The British comedian wed the US songstress during a ceremony in India in 2010, but Russell filed for divorce just 14 months later.
During a game of shoot, sh*g or marry on an Australian radio programme, the star was offered the choice of his ex-wife, Demi Moore or Geri Halliwell.
“I’ve already married one of them; she can’t keep marrying the same person again and again. That would be a crazy cycle!” he quipped to hosts Kyle and Jackie O.
“I don’t wanna marry any of them! What I’d do is, I’d get the gun and shoot myself!”
Russell is known for his womanising ways and has been linked to both Demi and Geri, who he is said to have enjoyed a brief romance with.
Recently it was reported he practises yoga with Demi and is even thinking about taking a vacation with the actress so they can perform the activity together in India.
Rumours about his private life infuriate the 37-year-old comic.
“I don’t know where people get these ideas from!” he marvelled.
“That seems like a crazy idea, going to India with Demi Moore. I’m at work, she’s a busy lady. Your internet’s broken. I think the internet should be shut down – let’s close the internet!”
Russell has become famous thanks to his outrageous sense of humour and extravagant look.
Although fans love him for his unique sense of style now, it didn’t always go down as well.
“I remember when I worked in [restaurant] Pizza Hut they said, ‘You’re gonna have to wear the Pizza Hut uniform – you’re wearing too much hairspray!” he recalled.
“[Right now] I’m wearing tight, leather-look trousers, nice little booties, a Smiths T-shirt with ludicrously open sleeves, a nice leather cuff and an old lady’s coat, a policeman’s helmet and I’ve just got some sequins all over my forehead.”
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Friday, 08. February 2013