Anne Hathaway: Winning awards is surreal

Anne Hathaway embraces simplicity and humility despite all of her professional successes.
The highly lauded actress’ performance in Les Misérables has earned her an Academy Award nod this year in the Best Supporting Actress category.
She has already won both a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her role as Fantine in the classic musical.
Although she deeply appreciates her accolades, Anne won’t let the praise get to her head.
“I’m on the winning end of an award,” Anne told People magazine.
“That’s very surreal and unusual. But then today I have a load of laundry to do!”
With a potential Academy Award in the works at the ceremony on February 24 the star has enjoyed a great start to the New Year.
Anne recently gushed about how good life has been to her.
“It has just been spectacular, wonderful. I got to star in two wonderful films, I turned 30 and I married the love of my life,” she said.
“But I felt like I was living in an enchanted fairyland [on my wedding] day. My mum sang Sea of Love, I was dancing with friends I’ve grown up with who I adore deeply… I can’t deny I’m a deeply loved person, not just by Adam.”
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Friday, 08. February 2013