Marilyn Manson 'collapses on stage'

Marilyn Manson apparently collapsed during a concert last night.
The rocker was halfway through his The Beautiful People track, when he keeled over during the performance in Saskatoon, Canada.
A fan in the crowd managed to capture the moment on tape, which clearly pictures the musician kneeling down to belt out the song.
Marilyn then starts to sway, before turning to the side and falling down completely.
TMZ reports fans at the concert were left confused, as the band continued to play without the 44-year-old’s vocals.
It soon became clear it wasn’t part of the act, when two stagehands appeared to help the star.
There are also reports Marilyn vomited on stage, but this isn’t shown in the footage.
The website has reached out to his people to find out about his wellbeing, but they are yet to comment.
The apparent collapse comes after the singer was involved in a fight in Switzerland in December.
Following the brutal altercation, he needed 24 stitches to reattach his ear to his head.
Marilyn is known for his crazy antics on stage, which have included stunts such as tearing up a bible and showing off fascist banners.
The controversial rocker is due to appear on stage in Calgary tomorrow, with the tour finishing up in Las Vegas on February 23.
Recently he promised fans big things from the upcoming performances.
“I guarantee what’s coming your way is going to be enjoyable,” he assured in a statement. “If someone was to see it for the first time, they should know I’m enjoying it to the point where I can say it won’t be anything less, at the very worst, than the best thing happening today in rock ’n’ roll. That might not be saying much today.”
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Thursday, 07. February 2013