Mark Wahlberg: inspires me

Mark Wahlberg has joked and Britney Spears’ latest song has “inspired” him to resurrect his music career.
The American star was part of his brother Donnie’s band New Kids on the Block for a while, and then set up his own group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Their biggest track Good Vibrations topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart and went platinum.
Although Mark now has a successful career in movies having starred in releases like The Fighter and Ted, he has quipped that Scream & Shout has made him have a rethink.
“That is art,” he quipped to UK radio host Nick Grimshaw after listening to’s song.
“I have decided to give up my budding movie career and do music; it’s very inspiring that. It’s very interesting.”
The star is prepping for the Oscars on February 24, which sees Ted nominated in the best original song category. In the movie he portrays John, whose childhood toy comes alive and tests his relationship with his girlfriend.
The 41-year-old laughed that attending the event with the feisty stuffed animal will make the ceremony more interesting than in previous years.
“I’m prepping to go to the Oscars with Ted. Considering that I’m going with Ted who is just going to insult everyone, I am looking forward to it,” he deadpanned.
“It’s pretty long and the two times I went, I knew who was going to win – it was pretty awful. You can just tell!”
In 2011, Mark’s movie The Fighter was nominated for an Academy Award in the best picture category, but narrowly missed out to The King’s Speech.
“If only I’d had a stutter and a twitch and a boring screenplay; that would have taken us over the edge!” he laughed in reference to Colin Firth’s speech-impaired character.
Whereas award ceremonies are still a part of Mark’s life, the actor is no longer interested in the Hollywood party scene.
He is married to model Rhea Durham and together they have four children.
“My days of going out are over, so I’m usually to bed early and up early,” he explained.
“This morning I got up at 6.15am… I got up and had breakfast and read a little bit.”
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Thursday, 07. February 2013