Rita Ora and Snoop ‘couldn’t get off island’

Rita Ora reveals that she and Snoop Dogg were stranded on a tropical island together.
The pair collaborated on a track called Torn Apart. The song is featured on the rapper’s latest album Reincarnated, which is an incarnation of Snoop’s new Rasta alter ego Snoop Lion.
While shooting the music video for Torn Apart in Thailand, the tide went out and the musicians were trapped.
“The boat couldn’t come to the shore and we couldn’t get off the island,” Rita told British newspaper The Sun.
“Everyone had left except me, Snoop, my sister, the camera guy and the lighting guy. I was like, ‘Are we ever going to get off alive?’ ”
Although everyone was terrified, Snoop eventually led the group to safety.
“We had to walk all the way to the boat because the tide had gone out and the boat couldn’t get to the shore,” Rita recalled.
“We had to wade through the sea to the boat. I don’t know what was touching my toes! Slithery things, stones. I was holding Snoop’s hand and he was squeezing it so tight I lost all circulation. It was hilarious.”
The rapper changed his name to Snoop Lion following a trip to Jamaica in February 2012 and it’s thought his new handle is a reference to the Lion of Judah which is symbolic in Rastafarian culture.
Reincarnated will be released this year.
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Thursday, 07. February 2013