Jennifer Lawrence: I’ll sacrifice comfort for Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence is going to “suck it up and wear a corset” to the Oscars.
The actress is nominated for an Academy Award in the best actress category, thanks to her performance in Silver Linings Playbook.
In 2011 the 22-year-old received a nod for her role in Winter’s Bone and worked a bright red Calvin Klein gown at the ceremony.
Although she looked stunning, she hopes to dazzle even more this time around.
“Last time was comfort. This year I’m like, ‘Suck it up. Wear a corset,’” she laughed at the Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon yesterday.
“I’m going to go for fashion this time. I saw that, but that’s the problem with the Oscars. They’re always at the end and you are exhausted from dressing up. Eating normally calms me down. I remember before the Oscars I was wearing that skin-tight dress and I ate a Philly cheese steak and fries and was like, ‘This is definitely going to help.’ Which it didn’t, because I had to double my Spanx.”
Yesterday all nominees gathered at the Beverly Hilton ballroom to celebrate the success of their films.
Jennifer’s co-star Bradley Cooper was also in attendance, having received a best actor nod for his character in Silver Linings Playbook.
Having previously starred in comedies such as The Hangover franchise, the Hollywood hunk believes the nomination could take his career in a new direction.
“I know I wasn’t up here for The Hangover. So maybe,” he smiled.
“I’m enjoying every minute of this. It’s easy for me because I like people. I’m sure the day of [the Oscars] I’ll be a caretaker, calming my mother down. She still doesn’t know what to wear. But it’s gone so much farther than an awards season because of the response that it’s had. Talk about a silver lining to this movie.”
Also joining the celebratory lunch were the likes of Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman who are nominated for their role in Les Misérables and Ben Affleck, who has caused a stir with Argo.
The Oscars will take place on February 24 and will be hosted by Seth MacFarlane.
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Tuesday, 05. February 2013