Swift writing Styles breakup song

Taylor Swift is penning a song about her split from Harry Styles.
The 23-year-old singer has been working on the tune since she and the One Direction star broke up in December, according to sources.
The Sun reports that Taylor is using a special “memory box” where she keeps mementoes from her ex-boyfriends to help with her creative process.
“Her main source of material for the songs she’s written about her string of other famous ex-boyfriends comes from rooting around in a trunk where she hoards keepsakes of their relationships,” a source told the newspaper.
“Photos of Harry are now in there, along with a chain he had made for her when they got together last year which matches his own favourite necklace – of a paper plane.”
Taylor has dated a string of high profile men including Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Her two-month romance with Twilight star Taylor Lautner is said to have been the inspiration behind song Back to December, while a fling with John Mayer prompted her to write Dear John.
“Well, it’s not like it’s in fine print, but music is absolutely everything that I am and everything that I stand for,” she told Marie Claire last year about her tendency to write songs about her failed romances.
“It’s not my fault if someone gets into a relationship with me and then cheats and I write a song about it.”
She and Harry dated for several months before splitting over the holidays after getting into a huge argument while vacationing in British Virgin Islands.
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Wednesday, 30. January 2013