Lohan ‘too sick for court’

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly planning to skip out on her court-ordered appearance tomorrow.
TMZ reports the actress is claiming she is too sick to appear.
According to the website, her new lawyer has submitted documents alerting the judge about his client’s illness.
Mark Heller reportedly submitted a note from a New York City doctor who has verified Lindsay has an upper respiratory infection.
He claims the 26-year-old will be unable to fly to Los Angeles “for her own safety as well as the safety of the public”.
Mark is believed to have submitted an article published by the New York Post earlier this month indicating a flu epidemic has swept New York.
Critics say Lindsay is once again failing to fulfill court-ordered obligations with a flimsy excuse.
TMZ published photos of Lindsay shopping in Manhattan on Saturday. The doctor who signed the note is believed to have examined her the same day.
A judge could issue a warrant for Lindsay’s arrest if she deems the excuse a lie.
Lindsay was scheduled to appear in court to face allegations she violated her probation stemming from a 2011 necklace theft case.
She is accused of lying to police by telling them she was not driving at the time of her June 2012 car crash.
Lindsay reportedly fired her longtime lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, earlier this month and hired Mark instead.
The New York lawyer was admitted to practice law in California only recently after obtaining a sponsor in the state.
It is said that the presiding magistrate has yet to approve Mark’s representation for Lindsay in the case.
A trial date is scheduled to be issued on Wednesday.
Lindsay could face up to 245 days in jail if the judge finds she violated her probation.
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Tuesday, 29. January 2013